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RAP and Work Experience

Developing life and job skills is important for everyone. In RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) and Work Experience, students can earn while they learn and gain credits. They will receive ongoing support and encouragement as every student gains confidence in themselves. Most importantly, they will be able to make informed career choices.

Learning happens both inside and outside the classroom. By taking RAP or Work Experience, students will be able to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in the world that they choose. They get to build skills and a portfolio for future employment, and ready themselves for the work world!

For students wanting to register in work experience, they must first complete the HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems course which is a prerequisite for work experience. Below is the link to complete the HCS3000 course. Please ensure you are using your EPSB Google Account to view and complete this course.

1) HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems Course HCS3000

2) When you have completed the HCS3000 Workplace Safety Systems Course, please fill out the following form to register for Work Experience. Work Experience Registration Form

- Work Experience is an off-campus course available at any grade in high school

- Students can earn credits during the school year and/or summer time

- Students can be paid a wage or honorarium while participating in the program

- Students can work on a volunteer basis with a sponsoring organization

- Students can earn as many as 15 credits towards their diploma requirements and 30 credits        towards transcripts

- Work Experience 35 can also qualify as one of the 30 level Diploma requirements

- Potential employers recognize the value of the Work Experience Program

- Marks from Work Experience can be used for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

- Qualifying students receive supervision from the Work Experience Coordinator throughout their time in the placement

- Work Experience students also receive training, supervision, guidance, and evaluation from the employer


RAP stands for Registered Apprenticeship Program. It allows students to work as an apprentice in a trade to earn credits toward a high school diploma, accumulating hours towards a ticket in one of Alberta's 50 designated trades - all while earning a competitive wage. Earn 5 credits for every 125 hours, to a maximum of 40 credits or 1000 hours.

For more information with RAP, please call Academy at King Edward at 780-439-1368