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    The Academy at King Edward was established in 1992 as a segregated site for students who meet district criteria for Learning Strategies.  This Grade 2 to 12 program expanded the continuum of services available to students in Edmonton Public Schools.  The Academy provides specialized programming in a safe, secure, atmosphere that is designed to meet the academic, social-emotional and classroom learning skill needs of the students.



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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

School phone lines and emails remain open for communication with families.


Principal's Message

The Academy at King Edward is one school that is located at three different sites.  The first is in the beautiful community of Strathcona, situated at the top of Edmonton's river valley on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River. This site offers programming for students in Grades 2-9.  Our second site is at Victoria School of Arts where Academy students in Grades 10-12 are offered programming. Our newly opened third site is at McNally High School.  This is also a site where students in Grades 10-12 are offered programming.  Even though the Academy is located in three separate sites, it is very much one school. Each site regularly benefits from an exchange of resources and expertise; furthermore, students are given opportunity to enjoy activities together.


Thank You!

We would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Bryan and Allison's No Frills grocery store located in Old Strathcona.  Each year Bryan and Allison donate most of the food and supplies needed for our annual Parent Advisory Council Bar-B-Q.  This is a valued partnership within our community that is greatly appreciated.


How do I go about gaining entrance for my child into the Academy at King Edward?
1.  The Academy at King Edward ensures that each applicant meets Division criterion for our program.  Additionally, we are looking for students has an excellent attendance rates, and no behavioral programming support needs.
2.  Your child's current Edmonton Public would need to make a SNAP (internal computerized placement request) on your behalf.
3.  Families must remember that a SNAP request does not guarantee a placement.  Space is determined during the pre-enrollment phase (March 9th-April 15th) as spaces open up once current students confirm that they are transferring back to their community school.
 4.  We encourage all new families to attend the new student/parent orientation in May.  A letter with more details will be sent out once placement is confirmed.  Only accepted families can attend this meeting.  
Is there an Open House?
No, we do not host an Open House as our program has entrance criteria.  We will grant tours to interested parents of eligible students.
How is priority for admission determined? 
Where the number of students eligible for the program exceeds the space available, the principal of the program will prioritize on the basis of eligibility, anticipated effectiveness of the programming, and alignment with Division's special needs placement requirements for our program.
Is the criteria for the Academy at King Edward the same as all Edmonton Public Learning Strategies programs? 
The Academy at King Edward has unique criteria for entrance.  If you would like to know if your child qualifies, please call the school at 780-439-1368.